Hi everyone, and thank you for reading!

These are crazy times we live in. Let's say you're shopping for an InstantPot, only you want the countless accessories, too. InstantPot may or may not be in stock at your local store. Its accessories are likely not. Why? For 1, most raw materials and/or items are produced in China. Who had the 1st shut-down due to 

COVID-19? That's right, China! Who's factories are now backed up with orders from daily Cyber-Monday-like levels of demand? Correct again, China!


Cost of importing raw materials - 

So how does this relate to www.pumpcases.com? I'm happy to say that we assemble our cases in Visalia, CA, and Ventura, CA. However, the raw materials that we depend on, oftentimes, come from China. Neoprene, for example, is simply not available from a domestic producer in the US: Quicksilver and countless other manufacturers of wetsuits will support me in this claim. USPS's of the world are taking advantage of their shipping fees much like those Amazon sellers who accumulated then up-charged by 500+% for hand sanitizer. 

Importing raw materials - 

Long-story-short, we're turning to vessel/boat shipping, which is experiencing its own unique set of COVID-19 delays. Did the VAT or Customs agent develop COVID-19? How many packages did he/she handle, and how long ago? If at any point in the transportation supply chain, a COVID-19 outbreak results in a regional office/hub closure, and unfortunately, zero notice is given.

Production delays - 

We are presently ordering and cutting half as much neoprene for twice the price from a domestic importer of neoprene rather than receiving our perfect, pre-cut patterns from overseas. This adds delays to production. Then, we drop the packages off at our local USPS, who is so understaffed that they can't scan packages, making it appear as though we don't ship for 3-5 days after order receipt. This simply is NOT true. Order today. Ship tomorrow. That is a pumpcases.com standard.

Delivery delays -

The last 2 pieces to this puzzle I cannot control are 1) inbound and 2) outbound transportation. Once the order leaves my hands, I rely on USPS for outbound delivery. Unfortunately, they simply do not disclose regional closures of particular hubs due to COVID-19 on their websites. If you live outside of the US, expect a 4 - 8 week delivery window even for Canada. If you live in the states, orders are presently taking up to 3 days for California to Califonia delivery and 4 - 8 days for California to the East Coast delivery.