Do your friends ever call you "negative" or say, "You complain too much"? Let's face it, for the average person, it's odd to post on facebook stating something to the effect of, "Ugh. My bloood sugar is sooooo low. I'm going to call in sick today." Perhaps your situation is the opposite and you wake up with in-range blood sugars: do you post a picture of your glucose meter and tell the world how excited you are? Me neither. Instagram is different story. Through @beyondtype1, I found a jewel of a site called Quite literally, it's FB for Diabetics, but that is selling the site's numerous positive attributes short. I could wax poetic about how great they are or how wonderful the founder is or how enthusiastic their support staff are, but instead, I HIGHLY suggest you visit the link I provided, become a member, and instantly feel at home knowing that you are not alone in this Diabetic world. #livebeyond #diabetes @PumpCases