Tandem Diabetes has obtained FDA approval for Dexcom G5 CGM integration. Old news, right? Perhaps not. Let's talk about the difference between Medtronic's Enlight sensor and Dexcom's G5 sensor.

Last night, I was visting a local take-out and waiting in a long line, having already bolused for the meal. My Enlight sensors were historically +/- 20-40 points from actual bg. The wait at the take-out grew longer, and my Medtronic 530G pump indicated a single down arrow @ 67. Time to eat! Upon check-out, my pump was telling me double down arrows @ 59. I paid but had a difficult time with the transaction (insert diabetic meme/joke here). Being hypoglycemic unaware, I was in danger. Luckily CGM has taught me to recognize certain signs like confusion and drowsiness. Before leaving the register, I ordered a drink, not even wanting one but was unable to operate a credit card machine by this point. I paid in cash and gulped 22oz of Dr Pepper (yuk!). It's nights like these that make me wonder why I wasn't more successful in college: if I'm drinking Dr Pepper, that 5 or 6 is probably looking like a 8 or 9 by now! Anyhow, Dr Pepper and cash saved the day! Lets do the math and figure out why Medtronic did not. Historically, having experienced similar sensations, I have woken in hospitals in the 24-32 range. I wasn't blacked-out but VERY close to it. I'm going to be generous and say I was 35 last night. 59-35=24 points.

Today, I started using Tandem Diabetes t:slim X2 insulin pump. Being new to this pump, I tested way more than usual, even though Dexcom only calls for twice daily calibrations. The largest gap I found was a CGM reading of 203 and an actual bg of 189. 203-189=14 points, and that was the LARGEST gap I've experienced so far, meaning I can treat the #s displayed on my t:slim X2 pump as a bg and bolus based on them.

Being a touch screen, Tandem Diabetes gets a lot of things right, specifically bolusing. C'mon Medtronic users! How many times have you had to interrupt your bolus while you checked-out in line during lunch? Bolusing on t:slim is much quicker! They's also the only manufacturer produing case with metal clips. Yep, I said "metal clip", meaning no more broken plastic clips. Good for you Tandem!

Lots of love goes out to the Tandem team who fought hard with my HMO to obtain coverage for me: Thanks Jen and Janet!